About the Vermont Mask Survey

The Vermont Mask Survey began in the summer of 2020 as a scientific study to gather evidence of the harms Vermonters were experiencing as a result of wearing masks. The results of the mask survey are summarized in the Final Report, which was written in the spring of 2021.
The VMS project grew to include public education activities such as interviews on television and radio, tabling and speaking at public events, and presenting at public meetings.



What is the Vermont Mask Survey?

Since July, 2020, the Vermont Mask Survey has been gathering information about the negative health effects Vermonters are experiencing as a result of wearing masks.


The results of the survey are now available in the Vermont Mask Survey Final Report


Background of the Vermont Mask Survey:

First, Do No Harm.”
Hippocratic Oath

As with any public health measure, the harms need to be fully assessed and weighed against any expected benefit.

In June of 2020 the World Health Organization recommended that decision-makers who are considering the use of masks in community settings should also be gathering evidence about the “Likely Disadvantages” so that the negative effects of their use could be evaluated.

The Vermont Mask Survey provides evidence that Vermonters are experiencing all of the harms described by existing research on masks. Testimony from respondents across the state clearly describe the types of adverse reactions people are suffering, such as: difficulty breathing, headaches, skin irritation, difficulty communicating, physical and emotional discomfort, and difficulty cleaning hands (which increases the spread of infections).

Results of the Vermont Mask Survey reveal that the people suffering most from the requirement to wear masks are those the masks were intended to protect: those with pre-existing health conditions and “essential” workers who are required to wear them for prolonged periods of time.

Masks are known to exacerbate pre-existing health conditions, and prolonged use has not been fully studied due to the known risks. Therefore, findings from studies currently being conducted need to be seriously considered, and the negative effects addressed immediately.

The Vermont Mask Survey Final Report includes evidence from 150 credible, official sources which support its findings.

In order to help readers understand the extent of negative impacts caused by covering the face and restricting breathing, the report also describes the biology of the respiratory system, the history of respiratory protection and OSHA standards, and a discussion of additional negative impacts caused by the current use of cloth and paper masks in community settings.

May we work together to address the harms and improve the health of our Vermont communities.



This website includes additional educational information to help the public understand and address the harms caused by wearing masks.






Survey Invitation:

The Vermont Mask Survey will continue to gather evidence of the harms so that public officials can continue to be informed of the negative effects caused by their decision to recommend and/or require the use of masks in community settings.


Attention All Community Members of Vermont:

Have you, as a community member, employee, or business owner, experienced any of the following negative impacts when wearing masks:

  1. Headaches;
  2. Difficulty Breathing;
  3. Skin Irritation;
  4. Difficulty Communicating Clearly;
  5. Physical Discomfort;
  6. Mental/Emotional Discomfort;
  7. Difficulty practicing Proper Hand Hygiene? (Is it difficult for you to clean your hands every time you touch the mask?)

State of Vermont agencies, as well as the media, are encouraging employers, businesses, and others in the community to require the use of masks to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Research shows that there are likely to be many disadvantages to asking the general public to wear masks. No research has been done demonstrating the safety of facial coverings in the community setting. Researchers are just beginning to gather data on how these negative effects are impacting people.

This survey is being conducted by a Vermont citizen scientist in order to gather evidence about the negative impacts masks are having on Vermonters. We cannot do a cost/benefit analysis of this health strategy unless we know how people are doing under their masks.



Please share your experiences.

Your feedback is very important.

If you are experiencing health difficulties while wearing the mask, there are 2 ways you can participate in the survey:

  1. Write a description
  2. Fill out the survey form:

Email: vtmasksurvey@mail.com (P.O. Box is NO LONGER available.)

To Fill Out a Survey Form:

Print This Form: https://amyvt.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/Survey.-HANDOUT.2021.pdf

Answers can be sent by mail, or take a picture/scan and attach it to an email.

Or, Download the Fill-In Survey:




Confidentiality is our top priority. All questions are optional, based on your comfort level. We are NOT asking for employer names or types of business. Responses will be kept separate from any location or identifying data.




Fill it in using Adobe, save a copy, and send the copy as an email attachment.





Poster: https://amyvt.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/Survey-Poster.7.9-2.pdf





To contact this website author with questions or evidence to share:



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