Health Choice LEGISLATION 2024!

We are making a MAJOR PUSH this spring to encourage its movement towards becoming a law.

House Bill 182: “This bill proposes to recognize and to prohibit any interference with an individual’s rights to bodily autonomy, to make the individual’s own health care decisions, and to be free to accept or refuse any health or medical intervention, testing, treatment, or vaccine based on the individual’s own religious, conscientious, or personal beliefs.”

(The full text here.)

1. Write to the members of the House Committee on Human Services in support of HB 182. Encourage them to begin discussing the bill and hearing from the public:

Here is an email list of the members and staff of the House Committee on Human Services:,,,,,,,,,,,

Send a copy to the Speaker of the House, Jill

2. Contact your representatives and tell them why health choice is important to you:

You can find contact information for your legislators here:

Call the Statehouse and leave a message for a representative:1-802-828-8228

3. Thank and encourage sponsors of the bill: &

Spread the Word:

Download a copy of the Announcement (with links) & Send it to your Friends:

Have you been frustrated by government interference in you and your family’s health care decisions?

The past four years have clearly demonstrated the willingness of local and state officials, as well as others who deem themselves “authorities” – including employers, educators, and health care providers- to impose medical interventions, testing, treatments, and vaccines onto others. Their willingness to use coercive tactics to gain “compliance” has been frightening.

We all realize how difficult this conversation has been for the past four years, and many feel an urgency to put Covid behind us. Yet to this day many Vermonters working in health care, or seeking health care services, are still suffering under the same senseless and unscientific Covid health policies. And without a debate, many of our leaders in the statehouse and elsewhere remain poised and ready to pull all the Covid power-plays out again in the future.

HB 182 is a powerful bill. For those who have been on the receiving end of the mandates, policies, and restrictions over the past four years, the words in this bill are like music to our ears.


We must bring the health care choice and freedom debate to the public sphere, and HB 182 is a good place to start.

Please take the time to let our representatives know that the majority of Vermonters support health care choice, free of coercion.

Write to the members of the House Committee on Human Services in support of HB 182. Encourage them to begin discussing the bill and to hear from the public.

You can refer to the parts of the bill that are meaningful to you. (Full-text below/HB 182.) Personal stories of how your life and the lives of those you love have been impacted will help the legislators understand why this is so important. We can always win on the level of love and human connection.


This act shall take effect on passage.

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