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Amy’s Kid’s Show – Archive of Episodes

Due to technical difficulties, recent episodes from the fall and winter of 2023-2024 are not yet available.

Stay Tuned for episodes 151 – 162…

August – October 2023:

# 150.Amys Kids Show.Harriet Tubmans Freedom

# 149.Amys Kids Show.George Loves Roses.FINALE.8.26.23

# 148.Amys Kids Show.George Loves Roses.PART FOUR.8.18.23

June – July 2023:

# 147.  George Loves Roses, PART THREE:

# 146.  George Loves Roses, PART TWO:

# 145.  George Loves Roses, The Story of George Washington Carver:

#144.  The Great Flood, and the Town Vault Update:

#141.  Meet the Town Clerk:

#140.  Who Wants to Be the President?:

#139.  Care for Your Neighbors:

#138.  Love Your Neighbor, PART TWO:

#137.  Love Your Neighbor

#136.  Ancient Greece:

March – April – May 2023:

#134. Lulu the Cat Explores the Milky Way:

#133. Lulu the Cat Tours the Solar System:

#132. Lulu the Cat Visits the Sun, PART 2:

#131. Lulu the Cat Visits the Sun:

#129. Pooh Bear Visits:

January – February 2023:

129. Forest Creatures with Sherri, February 18, 2023:

128. Catkin’s Courage, February 11, 2023:

127. Sherri and the Cosmic Cats from Outer Space Tour Our Solar System, January 28, 2023:

126. Cats and Moons:

December, 2022:

The Genius Under the Table

In The Genius Under the Table, author Eugene Yelchin takes us “behind the iron curtain.” His book is a wonderful description of what it was like to grow up in Soviet Russia, and serves as a reminder of the importance of protecting our rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness (such as asking questions, and exploring our own Special Talents!):

Genius Under the Table, Part One:

Genius, Part Part Two:

Genius, Part Three:

Genius, Part Four:

Genius, Part Five:

Genius, Part Six:

October, 2022:

Gold Is Precious:

Abundance- Angels and Birds:

Two Pennies:

Rosie and the Little Folk, Part One:

Rosie and the Little Folk, Part Two, Interview with Alec Hastings:

August and September, 2022:

May, June and July, 2022:

Kosmic Cats from Outer Space, and Other Guests – January/February/March/April, 2022:

Anne Elephant Visits Vermont – Winter, 2021-2022

A Wrinkle in Time- Summer and Fall, 2021

Amy’s Kid’s Show- Spring/Summer 2021: