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Annette Smith:

Decades of Experience Helping Her Neighbors Protect The Environment

The thing I’ve learned through 17 years of working with Vermonters is to never underestimate Vermonters.”

-Annette Smith, Executive Director of Vermonters for a Clean Environment, Vermonter of the Year 2017

May 19th, 2024:  Electromagnetic Frequency Pollution Deep Dive, PART THREE

Education and awareness are the key ingredients in our ability to defend our rights.  So are caring neighbors such as Annette.  

Annette has spent decades helping Vermonters navigate the regulatory system in defense of their local environment.  She’s taken on industries such as large-scale energy and telecommunications companies.  Her experience is priceless when it comes to navigating the ever-evolving regulatory and legislative processes.  For example, Vermonters for a Clean Environment has been helping neighbors in the WMRW listening area of Warren and Waitsfield resist tower projects, and was instrumental in winning Vermonters the right to opt-out of Smart Meters on our homes. 

We spent the hour talking about efforts in Vermont to address Electro-Magnetic Frequency pollution as part of a month-long series on the subject.  There is no better person to give us an update on the situation as it currently stands in our state.  Listen to the interview to learn what is happening on state, local and, most importantly, grassroots levels. 



Is the Legislature Listening?

May 12, 2024:  Electromagnetic Frequency Pollution Deep Dive, PART TWO

Today’s episode takes us to the New Hampshire AND Vermont Statehouses: 

Based on a report by the New Hampshire General Court, House Bill 1487 was introduced in January in the New Hampshire legislature.  It proposed three steps to address the effects of EMF.  

The Tap Trees Not Vermonters rally brought together Vermonters from across the spectrum with one thing in common: they do not feel their representatives are listening.  Listen to what your neighbors had to say at the press conference in Montpelier on May 17th:

Tap Trees Not Vermonters Statehouse Press Conference



At the Kitchen Table with Rock and Roll Legend J. Willis Pratt, February 2024:

J. Willis Pratt has been rocking for decades. Join us as his kitchen table and hear about his life and rock endeavors.

Check out his latest creative projects and the documentary made about him by his buddy Jon Fishman titled When You Are Wild: A Day in the Life of J. Willis Pratt:




Student Declaration 2023 Author Lauren Palmer

The Student Declaration 2023


“When, at the end of any great or terrible storm, we emerge, as now we do out of three years of an unprecedented global phenomenon, into a moment of silence, we are presented an opportunity: an opportunity to pause, to reflect, and to evaluate those events which took place, and those actions undertaken, in the depths of the upheaval. Such is the moment we are now offered, and We, student representatives from across the United States of America, Canada, and the world, having been swept up in this storm of Covid-19 responses for the last three years, urge now serious reflection…”

Read the rest of the Declaration and join the nearly 1,000 other signatories from around the world:

Interview with Lauren on February 18, 2023:



Carol Collins Spins Poetry

Recorded on January 14th, 2024: This was the second interview with Carol Collins of Singing Spindle Spinnery, this time live in the radio station in Warren.

Right-click the music bar to download the MP3 file or link.





Singing Spindle Spinnery Visit and Interview with Carol Collins


Recorded December 17, 2023: For today’s episode we are going to Carol Collins’ Spinning Studio in Duxbury, Vermont. During this on-location interview our Mad River Valley neighbor describes her journey as a student, teacher and textile business woman. As you listen, see if you can imagine the spinning wheel whirling, the bowl of wool at Carol’s feet, and feel the string of fibers as they are nimbly twisted and spun from her fingers around and around the wheel. Carol invites us to join her in her numerous artistic and educational endeavors, which adorn the walls and every surface of her colorful, magical studio, with a full view of the snowy forest!




Good Vibrations with Nicole LoPresti



Nicole is an Artist, Yoga Facilitator, and Biofield Tuning Practitioner. She discusses healing on all levels, and especially the importance of learning about ourselves, through play and connection with nature. More information available at her website:







Spiraling Back to Wise Woman Ways with Susun Weed!


Join Amy as she interviews her favorite herbal mentor, Susun Weed. September, 2023.


SUSUN S. WEED, author of Down There, Sexual and Reproductive Health the Wise Woman Way (Ash Tree Publishing, June 21, 2011) and award-winning author of New Menopausal Years The Wise Woman Way, Alternative Approaches for Women 30-90 (Ash Tree Publishing), is one of America’s best-known authorities on herbal medicine and natural approaches to women’s health. Expert herbalists and well-known women’s health physicians such as Susan Love, MD, Christiane Northrup, MD, Rosemary Gladstar, and David Hoffman recommend her books.






“Steroids: Prescription for Shattered Dreams” author Terry Difazio (August 4th, 2023):


Steroid use has become ubiquitous among athletes and body builders, to the point where it has been impossible to compete without them for decades. Terry explains how steroids work, how they are being used today, and tips for athletes who are facing pressure to use them. Terry is also the program manager for NEK-TV in Newport, and has been a drummer since 1969. He joins us in the studio to discuss the health concerns associated with using anabolic steroids for muscle enhancement.






Venus!  A Discussion with Kelly Hunter, Astro-mythologist (July 28th, 2023):



Our neighbor Kelly Hunter, is a world-renowned astro-mythologist, returns!  This time, to discuss the relevance of Venus, as she retro-grades in Leo.  What does this mean?  How can we use this time to maximize our own courage and pleasure?

Kelly Hunter’s website:

Kelly’s interviews with astrologer Pam Gregory:




The Impact of Cannabis Commercialization in Vermont (June 23, 2023): Martha and Kathleen discuss the impacts of commercialized cannabis.



Information from our guests regarding the health impacts of commercialized cannabis:



There’s more in this dropbox.



Video from AALM – Smokescreen







Falun Gong Instructor Te Chen (May, 2023):

Te Chen is a Falun Gong practitioner who offers classes in Vermont, as well as programs to raise public awareness of the ongoing atrocities being committed currently in China.Te talked about the healing practice of Falun Gong, as well as the oppression, arrest, and violence practitioners are experiencing at the hands of the Chinese government.


For more information about Falun Gong, its practice, and the Chinese government’s program for harvesting organs from prisoners, see the links below:

The Falun Dafa Information Center:,vi[…]7jc

Falun Gong Falun Dafa Exercise 1 to 5 – 15 Minutes:—15-Minutes:b

China’s Secret Organ Trade & The Persecution Of Falun Gong Practitioners: Human Harvest:




Kelly Hunter, Astrologer- The U.S. Birthchart and Pluto Return, Recorded on April 28, 2023:



Our neighbor Kelly Hunter, is a world-renowned astro-mythologist. In this interview she reviews the United State’s birthchart, which is going through its Pluto Return this summer, as well as other upcoming astrological events.


Kelly Hunter’s website:


Interviews with Pam Gregory:






Greg Robbins- Maritime Supervision of Respirators and Sea Stories, Recorded on April 21, 2023:



To put the use of respirators, and respiratory protection, in a historical context, I’ve invited one of our neighbors on the show today to help explain how these devices are used in workplace settings and why these measures are taken in order to provide protection to workers exposed to dangerous contaminants in the air.



Greg Robbins is a State Maritime College graduate with a B.S. degree in Nautical Sciences. He spent most of his professional career working aboard ocean-going ships and smaller vessels.  He is now retired, formerly lived in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, and is now in New Hampshire.











React 19 New Hampshire Round Table Organizers, Recorded on April 7, 2023:



On April 26, 2023, Concerned Alumni of Dartmouth College hosted a Roundtable Discussion and Dinner Event with a particular focus on College Covid-19 Vaccine Mandates, covering Scientific, Ethical, and Legal Considerations. Dartmouth’s Hanover Inn event featured keynote speaker Aaron Siri, Esq. The dinner benefited React19, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the Covid-19 vaccine-injured community and is being organized by Concerned Alumni of Dartmouth College, with promotional support from the CHD New England Chapter.



Event organizers describe the details of their work on this episode of The 5 H Show.












Megan Mansell: Why Masking Children is Unethical and Unnecessary, March 24, 2023



Presenter at Vermont Emergency Forum to Assess the Respiratory Hazards of Masks on May 12th in Burlington, Vermont.



“It begs repeating, and with great emphasis, that every mask you have ever seen on a child is unregulated, untested, and unsafe, with zero efficacy, fit, term of wear, or medical clearance standards. Zero.”



– Megan Mansell









Megan Mansell is a former district education director over special populations integration, serving students who are profoundly disabled, immunocompromised, undocumented, autistic, and behaviorally challenged; she also has a background in hazardous environs PPE applications. She is experienced in writing and monitoring protocol implementation for immunocompromised public sector access under full ADA/OSHA/IDEA compliance.



One of the multidisciplinary experts from the Frontline Doctors’ Industrial Hygiene and Multidisciplinary Support Summit, and author of Accommodating Chaos:  Correcting Course on a Plague of Disinformation.



In this interview Megan addresses why every mask we see on a child is completely unregulated, untested, unsafe, not to mention unethical, and why the continued use of masks in schools as a special education accommodation is inappropriate and unnecessary.  What alternatives exist to protect students and adults with special health needs?



Megan Mansell was one of the presenters at the Vermont Emergency Forum to Assess the Respiratory Hazards of Masks in Burlington, Vermont.











Women and Girls and the Trans Agenda with Sherri Glebus:



How are women and girls faring as policies, legislation, health practices, and language itself, are being changed in response to trans inclusion concerns. We explore how and why things are changing on these fronts, and how girls and women have responded, with feminist spirituality scholar Sherri Glebus.











Robert F. Kennedy Speaks in New Hampshire, March 10, 2023:



Robert F. Kennedy came to New England and spoke to a crowd of supporters in New Hampshire this winter. Listen to his talk, which covers many topics, including health, informed consent, legal defense of our rights, and political solutions for the future.










The Revolutionary Respiratory Therapist- Besty Thomason- RETURNS!, February 24th, 2023:



Betsy Thomason, Respiratory Therapist, Director of Outbreath Institute, and author of Just Breathe Out returns to continue teaching us the Breathe Out Dynamic System. This revolutionary way of breathing is life-changing, and Betsy is a positive role model and guide to help us all breathe more easily, and effectively, and thereby live more fully. This live show received phone calls from across the country!










Physicians for Informed Consent with Dr. Sandy Reider, M.D., February 17, 2023:



What is the importance of Informed Consent? How is a medical provider’s ability to provide honest, balanced information about our health choices under threat, and what can be done about it? This interview with Dr. Sandy Reider, Family Physician and founding member of Physicians for Informed Consent, explores all these issues with heart and humor.







Children’s Health Defense Vermont director, Jennifer Stella, February10, 2023:



Learn about the bills being proposed in the Vermont legislature this year that will help protect health choice freedom. This episode is an interview with the director of Health Choice Vermont, and the newly-formed Vermont chapter of Children’s Health Defense.







Block Chain Technology: An Interview with Alison Despathy and Leo Saraceno, January 27, 2023:



What is Block Chain Technology, and where can we see evidence of the global digital economy encroaching on us in Vermont? Authors Alison Despathy and Leo Saraceno ( discuss their research together.









BREAKING NEWS: The Vermont Agency of Education has NO Evidence Masks are Safe, January 20, 2023, PART ONE and TWO:



In response to a FOIA request, the Vermont Agency of Education has admitted they possess no evidence masks are safe for any children. This episode explains this lack of evidence, and shares testimony from experts in the field (Megan Mansell and Dr. Avery Jackson), as well as Vermont parents, describing the countless harms masks can cause, particularly to children.









Leigh Merinoff of The Field House EcoFarm and Learning Center, January 6th, 2023:









Working Moms from the Kingdom, December 30, 2022:









Do Not Consent: 5G Discussion with Annette Smith and Emily Lanxner:



Annette Smith is the  Executive Director of Vermonters for a Clean Environment, a grassroots organization that helps raise the voices of Vermonters to have a say in what goes on in their communities, and to hold corporations accountable for their actions.  



Emily Lanxner is a music producer and 5-year environmental activist focused on protecting pollinators. 



Check out the music video for Do Not Consent:









The Revolutionary Respiratory Therapist: Interview with Betsy Thomason, December 9, 2022:









Broken Systems, Broken Promises: Interview with Larry Crist, November 25, 2022:









Proposition 5 Deep Dive (“Reproductive Autonomy” Constitutional Amendment), October 28, 2022:









Interview with Tom Kelly, Barre City Legislative Candidate:









Evaluating Scientific Research- PART TWO, September 30, 2022:









Amy Interviews Geri Proccachini, September 19, 2022:









Dr. Vicky Interview, September 9, 2022:









Evaluating Scientific Research, September 2, 2022:







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